Tax Investigation

Support when you need it most

Tax Investigations can happen to anyone, around 7% are estimate to be random, whilst others are because of tax discrepancies identified by HMRC. 

We all have subscriptions to different insurance policies to protect us against the eventuality of a car accident, or a leak in the roof. But what about your tax return? Are you protected if HMRC opens a costly investigation into your personal or business affairs? That is why at Bicknell Business Advisers Limited we offer a Tax Investigation Service to protect you from the professional costs, stress and uncertainty brought about by an HMRC enquiry.


Even if there is no additional tax to pay, investigations and enquiries can cost thousands and last for many months. HMRC are targeted with closing the tax gap of £35 billion, with small businesses and individuals accounting for over half of this amount.


When you are chosen for investigation, we will assist you every step of the way, leaving you to do what you do best. To ensure early resolution, early professional representation is an essential part of your defence.


Our Tax Investigation Service in partnership with Croner Taxwise includes:


  • Representation from us in the event of an HMRC investigation.


  • £100,000 fees indemnity on this insurance backed service with no excess.


  • Peace of mind that we will deal with HMRC on your behalf, limiting the concern and stress of spiralling additional fees.


If you are in business, it gets even better, our service includes the furlough support package:


  • Representation from us in the event of any HMRC enquiries relating to claims in connection to COVID-19 support measures (CJRS, SEISS etc)..


  • Access to HR Advice for any HR issues within your business, this extends to the specialist furlough team who can advise on all HR issues relating to furlough - 0844 892 2807.


  • Health & Safety and Legal telephone advice line.