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Start your new business with the right tools

The thought of being your own boss and turning your hobby into a business is an exciting prospect, however there are many areas that need to be considered. Choosing a business structure to suit your needs and creating a comprehensive business plan are just some elements of a successful business. 

Reviewing the tax rules governing property ownership

In recent years, the rules governing property tax have evolved, and this is particularly important if you invest or plan to invest in properties. There are still many advantages in owning one or more properties, but the tax implications can be a minefield.

Helping you to manage your practice’s finances

The medical sector has many industry-specific tax reliefs and accounting issues that need to be considered when setting up your practice and managing its finances.


We can offer you guidance on how to select the most appropriate structure for your business; review which expenses you can claim while running your practice; and help you to plan for a prosperous future.

Setting you on a smooth road to profitability

Motoring costs represent a substantial expense for many businesses, and the complexity of the system has increased considerably over recent years.


We can provide guidance on the best motoring strategy for your business, including the different options for vehicle ownership, car and fuel benefits, and whether a company van may be a more tax-efficient option.

  • Why You Should do a Strategic Business Plan 
  • 6 Stages of Strategic Planning
  • One Page

  • 5 Year Plan
  • Breakeven

  • Where did the
    money go?

  • What If Units
    & Price

  • Preparing a Company for

  • Information

  • Retirement

  • Company Valuation

  • Guide On Tax Efficient Remuneration
  • Personal Tax Organiser 2020/21

  • Growth Strategy
  • How to Create a Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Plan

  • 101 Great Marketing Questions
  • Lifetime Value
    of a Customer

  • Change Management

  • Improving Business Systems for Growth
  • Social Media - Strategy
  • Social Media
    – Facebook

  • Social Media
    – LinkedIn

  • Social Media
    – Twitter

  • Social Media
    - At every stage of the customer journey

  • Social Media
    - Social Media Analytics

  • Social Media - The Ten Minute Social Media

  • Social Media - Joining up Social Media and Lead Generation
  • Social Media - LinkedIn Why SSI matters 
  • Social Media - Facebook Business Page Engagement Strategies

  • Business Plan Review Checklist
  • Business Plan

  • Guidance on Writing
    a Business Plan

  • Business Plan

  • Simple Cash Flow

  • 6 Months Cash Flow

  • Working Capital Finance
  • Business Asset Finance
  • Peer to Peer Lending (P2P)
  • Property Finance
  • Unsecured Business Finance

  • Up to Date Business News
  • Grants
  • Bounce Back and CBILS
  • Job Retention Scheme
  • Kick Start Scheme
  • Job Support Scheme

Business Factsheet Library

We have 90 constantly updated factsheets on frequently asked business questions, these are available on request

  • Business General
  • Business Management
  • Business Start Up
  • Limited Companies
  • PAYE, NI and Benefits in Kind
  • Personal Taxation
  • Savings and Investments
  • VAT

Tax Planner Interactive

We use Tax Planner Interactive to help clients with their tax planning needs.

Tax Tools and Calculators

We subscribe to Tax Essentials which gives access to 120 tax calculators and tools covering a wide range of calculations for example IR35, Benefit in Kind, Partial Exemption and many other items contact us for more details

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